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The videos are current client testimonials dated 2/12/2023 & 5/2/2023. No compensation was paid for these testimonials, nor are there conflicts of interest to disclose that would affect the given statements. The statements may not be representative of the experience of other current clients and do not provide a guarantee of future performance success or similar services.

Let Us Help Your Family and Friends

At Arcadia, we believe that referrals are one of the highest compliments we can receive. We understand that referring someone to us takes time and effort, and we appreciate the trust that our clients place in us when they do so. That’s why we value referrals so highly and strive to provide exceptional service to every person who comes to us through a referral.

To show our appreciation, we’ve partnered with Snappy Gifting to offer a special gifting program as a thank you to clients who refer others to us. Snappy Gifting is a platform that allows our clients to select from a specially curated catalog of gifts, so they get something they truly love, while helping their loved ones make informed decisions about their financial futures.

We understand that our clients are our greatest advocates, and we’re grateful for every referral we receive. Thank you for your continued trust in us, and for helping us grow our business through your referrals.

Arcadia Referral Program Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit referrals? 

Anyone can submit a referral. You do not need to be a current Arcadia client to submit a referral.

Who can I refer to Arcadia?
  • Valid referrals must be new to the firm (no existing or prior accounts with Arcadia). 

  • Members of the same household can be counted as valid referrals (ex. adult children, siblings, extended family etc).

How will Arcadia reach out to my referral? 

A unique email will be sent to your referral inviting them to schedule a discovery call with us, along with disclosures on how their information was obtained. Your own email will also be looped into this communication.

How and when will I receive the reward for a referral? 

Once the referral completes the onboarding process and signs the Arcadia advisory agreement, the referral is considered fulfilled, and an email is sent to the promoter with the reward details.

Is there a limit on how many referrals I can submit?

While there is no limit on referral submissions, the maximum lifetime total reward is $1,000 per submitter.

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