Will you leave your future to chance?Or will you retire on rails of steel?

Learn tools and strategies for getting your retirement strategy on track!


The era of the steam engine

sparked industrial revolution and westward expansion, the first dominoes in a quickening advance of economic, social and cultural change.

Retirement is experiencing a similar paradigm shift today. We’re living in the days of rogue opportunity — self-funding our retirements and taking our finances into our own hands. But this opportunity comes with more risks and pitfalls than ever. Author Michael Panico is your guide, using his everyday experience as a financial advisor to illuminate:


How to create a lifetime income strategy.


Hidden threats to your financial security.


What you need to know before collecting Social Security.


How to avoid the retirement tax trap.


What Medicare covers, where it falls short and what to do about it.


The steps necessary to protect your family, assets and autonomy.

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About the AuthorMichael R. Panico, CFP®

Michael is the founder and CEO of Arcadia Financial Group. With over a decade of experience in financial services, he has seen many retirees take uncomfortable risks with their retirement nest eggs, often unwittingly. “Retire on Rails of Steel” stems from those observations and the painful awareness that too many people are planning for retirement based on out-of-date economics.


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