This Is

The Arcadia Way

Live Like Every Day Is Saturday ™


/är- kā-dē-ah/

A place or moment of simple pleasure and quiet… a place where every day is the weekend

Live like every day is Saturday™. It’s not just a slogan. It’s a mantra. It represents our fundamental mission to help people live their best lives. Life’s too short for regrets, delays, and wondering what could have been. Our proprietary financial planning process is designed to guide you from your status quo into a pinch-me-I’m-dreaming new reality. The Arcadia Way™ puts you in full control of your destiny with clarity and confidence. 


You don’t need anyone else’s permission to live your best life. Declaring what matters the most to you is the first step toward gaining control of your destiny. There’s just one problem: most people’s calendars are filled with work, obligations, and unwelcome commitments.

Picture a perfectly blank calendar this Saturday. What would you do if you had complete, unbound freedom? Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you share it with? Lock on to that vision. To make any dream a reality we must start with the end in mind. 

Making a declaration is the first step. The Arcadia Financial team will help you document your declarations. Never dream small. You might be surprised to learn what’s possible.


Anyone can make a declaration; it’s the second step that’s most challenging: laying the groundwork to make that dream come to life.  

Our team will work with you to align your finances with your ideal vision. We’ll review your current trajectory, identify optimization opportunities, and measure the impact of our discovered improvements.

Once the plan is mapped out, it’s time to act. Our team will support you every step of the journey. We have the resources, but it’s up to you to be bold enough to work toward your vision.


With a plan in place, it’s time to live with full clarity and confidence. You’ve outlined your best life. We’ve worked together to make it a reality. Now you have the chance to live without fear – no more sleepless nights because of money, stress, or uncertainty. No more living life at half-speed. Lean into your future; you’ve earned it.

Imagine a time and place when you can make the most of every single day. It’s your chance to claim your share of the American dream. Sure, questions will arise. Life will throw you curveballs. But with a strong foundation and Arcadia Financial in your corner, there’s nothing we can’t work to overcome.

How will you know when The Arcadia Way™ works for you?

That’s when you know our work made it all possible. This won’t happen overnight, but it can happen sooner than you may expect. Why wait?

Arcadia Financial Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a fiduciary?

In our capacity as a registered investment advisor, we are held to a fiduciary standard of loyalty and care, which means that we are legally and ethically obligated to always act in the best interests of our clients. This fiduciary duty includes providing advice that is suitable and appropriate for each client, disclosing any conflicts of interest that may arise, and placing our clients’ needs ahead of our own. In short, yes, we are a fiduciary, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

How do you get paid?

We provide fee-based financial advice and portfolio management. This means that we are compensated by our clients based on a percentage of their assets under management or a flat fee for financial planning services [AB1]. For insurance-related advice, we may receive a commission from the sale of insurance products. We always disclose our compensation structure to our clients and ensure that our fees and commissions are fair and reasonable.

What are your qualifications?

We hold the appropriate state licenses for insurance sales and have met the qualifications to become a registered investment advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Additionally, some of our advisors are certified financial planner (CFP) professionals, which means they have completed the rigorous education, experience, and ethical requirements set by the CFP Board. We continually update our knowledge and skills to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

How will our relationship work?

You will be guided through our financial planning process ‘The Arcadia Way’ by our team of professionals. We check in on client progress several times a year through frequent check-ins and client education events. You will also have access to coordinated tax and legal services through our affiliates Arcadia Tax and Arcadia Legal, if necessary.

What is your investment philosophy?

Our mission is to challenge you to live every day like it’s Saturday. That is, we believe the objective of a financial plan is to support you living your best life, as you define it, with the highest possible probability of success. For us, all other investment results and efficiencies are secondary. 

What asset allocation strategies do you use?

Your asset allocation will entirely depend on your short- and long-term goals, risk tolerance, and a variety of other factors. We commonly use mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETF) solutions offered by Fidelity, Vanguard, Dimensional Funds, and more.

What investment benchmarks do you use?

As clients often own a diverse array of investments, we use blended benchmarks typically comprised of the S&P 500 Index, the Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Bond Index, and the MSCI All-Cap World Index. Other benchmarks are used when appropriate.

Who is your custodian?

We use Fidelity as custodian for client accounts.

See What’s Possible with
the Arcadia Way™

This is your moment, your invitation to let our team show you what your future could look like with The Arcadia Way™. Every journey starts with a single step. See what’s possible by talking with our team today.