Where Retirement and Perspective Intersect

New Hampshire… Property Tax’s… First Home/Last Home

June 5, 2018

Several years ago, in anticipation of expecting our first child, my wife and I began searching for the perfect new home. Being high school sweethearts, we wanted to raise our little one in Exeter, our old stomping grounds! We wanted something safe, affordable and close to downtown. But affordability can be a bit elusive; there’s more to consider than just the mortgage. Anticipated ancillaries should include utilities, insurance, cable, etc. But we weren’t really prepared for one of the largest additional expenses…property tax. We love New Hampshire. It has all the seasons: the summer is second to none, the beauty…

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When the Market Plunges Pick Up A Cheeseburger, Not the Phone

March 15, 2018

The phones were quiet. On February 5, 2018 the Dow dropped 1175 points. It was the worst single-day point drop in history.   And still the phones were quiet. The media did what it does best: speculate and incite panic. What caused this catastrophe? Fear of rising inflation? The FBI probe? Fed policy? Malfunctioning trading algorithms? Unwinding of inverse VIX speculation? Would it get worse? Who is to blame? What can you do to protect your investments?   Seriously the phones didn’t ring once. Not even an email. To a financial planner silence is golden, especially during market turmoil. It…

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