Our credentials say we’re financial advisors, but our track record says we’re in the business of helping people live their best life every day.

My wife and I have a great relationship with our investment advisers and we sincerely appreciate the amount of effort they put in to maintain a unique family environment. The management is experienced, capable, and thorough.

Denis & Beverly, Fremont, NH 
This is a client testimonial. No compensation was given for this review. This review was left on 4/28/2023.

I listened to Mike at a presentation at our town senior citizen center and the information that he presented was very much in line with my questions about retirement and taxes. I have been working with Mike and the team for 5 years now and feel very comfortable with the work that has been done. The advice has been solid and I feel like they really listen to our concerns. They are very responsive to our questions. Thank you Team Arcadia.

Burt & Kim, Merrimack, NH 
This is a client testimonial. No compensation was given for this review. This review was left on 4/28/2023.

After watching Mike and his team help my parents design and execute a plan centered around sustained income as they quickly approached retirement, my wife and I reached out to discuss a long term plan for ourselves. Fast forward a few years later and we have our investments, estate planning and taxes all taken care of by the Arcadia team. I can’t stress enough how confident it makes us feel to know we are covered in all aspects of our financial future with Arcadia – truly a one stop shop.

Justin & Jennifer, Nashua, NH 
This is a client testimonial. No compensation was given for this review. This review was left on 3/1/2023.

The BEST experience we’ve ever had with dealing with our financials EVER! I could write so much but suffice it to say, you won’t go wrong working with Arcadia. Everyone is EXTREMELY supportive and helpful. Probably one of the best things? They are proactive and want you in the loop! Thank you everyone at Arcadia for all you do!

Tricia & Chris, Sandown, NH 
This is a client testimonial. No compensation was given for this review. This review was left on 7/1/2022.

Mike & his team do an outstanding job looking at your entire financial portfolio to put you in the right investments to maximize your financial growth while minimizing the amount of tax you will pay in retirement. I highly recommend the Arcadia Team.

Greg & Karen, Derry NH 
This is a client testimonial. No compensation was given for this review. This review was left on 4/29/2023.


/är- kā-dē-ah/

A place or moment of simple pleasure and quiet… a place where every day is the weekend

The Arcadia Way™

Why are you here? Perhaps you’re searching for something. More clarity. More answers. A real conversation regarding a burning question:  “Am I really prepared for retirement?”

There’s a deeper, more exciting question we want to help you answer:  “What would your life be like if every day were the weekend?”

Imagine a wide-open calendar, the option to say “Yes!” to anything, and the ability to exclusively focus on the things you truly love. What does that day look like? Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you doing it with? Can you imagine what spending every day in that moment would do for your stress levels, your wellbeing, and your outlook for the future?

Planning to live your best life every day isn’t wishful thinking – it’s The Arcadia Way™.

Our Process: The Arcadia Way™

We Specialize in: Income Investment Taxes Healthcare Legacy Estate

Income • Investment • Taxes • Healthcare • Legacy Estate

Too many people are sleepwalking through their finances. Arcadia Financial likes to shake people awake to see, sometimes for the first time, what’s truly possible in life. We help open your eyes to the truth, to what could be if you live life without fear or apology. If you want that best life, you need to invest in yourself. Get educated. Take action. That’s what gets you to living in weekends-only mode. We call that The Arcadia Way™, our proprietary process designed to rewrite your calendar to weekends-only mode.

Who We Work With at Arcadia Financial

We work with people who want to take extreme ownership of their financial future. We’re not waiting for any employers or the government to bail us out. Mapping out your financial future is ultimately your responsibility - no excuses allowed.

Where do you want to be in the future? How badly do you want to own that outcome? Attaining clarity and confidence doesn’t happen by accident. It takes time and hard work to get there. We have the know-how, but none of this works unless you’re willing to give this your all-out energy and effort.

We typically work with pre-retirees worried sick about the unknown. There’s a lot to worry about: social Security, health care, outliving their money, and who they can trust to talk about these issues. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. We step into the mess with your best interests as our only agenda. You may not like our answers at first, but you will love how well we take care of you.

Take Your First Step With Arcadia

If you’re ready to see what’s possible with The Arcadia Way™, we can’t wait to connect with you. Send us a note to start a conversation with our team today.

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